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“The way as We define learning and the way we believe it occurs has important implications for situations in which we want to facilitate changes in what people know or do” say Ertmer & Newby (1993) “It is very telling that education, which is what tends to communicate knowledge, remains blind to what human knowledge is, its dispositions, its imperfections, its difficulties, its tendencies both to error as to illusion and do not worry at all about making known what is known” (Morin, 1999) “We can systematize the general objectives of all personalist education in a double direction: towards the interior itself, insofar as its mission is to build the living and conscious human being; and towards the outside, insofar as it facilitates the encounter with other human beings” (García Hoz et al., 1990). "Learning must be linked, like its management, because nothing makes sense in isolation" (Mendez, 2019)

Aprendizaje Vinculado

Education is, without a doubt, the social activity that can most change the quality of life of each person and of society as a whole, in the long term. And this is why it has to take into account the individual characteristics and needs and, in turn, those of the community.
Its study, design, planning, updating and management cannot be done without paying attention to details, with two fundamental premises: based on the analysis of evidence and having a predictive nature .
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